GEM QUALITY Solid N6 Semi Black Opal from Lightning Ridge. Swing along with the brilliant colors that glide ever so vividly within this L-A-R-G-E Opal!! The colors show themselves in such vividness and joy, you won't be able to resist moving along with this opal's great mood! The colors glide in a Highly 3-Dimensional manner, showing off Fire Red, Flaming Orange, Apple Green and Turquoise Blue, as well as a Delicious Violet and Fuchsia Pink!!! Totally Delectable :-) Brightness is a PERFECT 5.0 on a scale of 5!! "Tango Mountain" has been cut into a large Triangular shape, leaving the designer open to let the creative juices flow... A Contemporary setting, or a delicate setting, enhanced with diamonds or other, this piece will steal the show!! The dimensions given below are the lengths of the sides of this Gem. The thickness is a fabulous 5.9mm thick!! Colors show perfectly from all directions and in all types of light. The colors are just as visible from low angles as they are from any other angle. Low light will have the colors fluorescing from the face of the opal!! Even reduced natural light will bring out all colors and their brightness. Perfect cut and high quality finish! The white spots or lines seen in the picture are reflections. No spots in the opal. This opal will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, stating the place of origin, picture, details of the opal and retail-valuation. (US$28,200) Many more photos available for viewing, upon request.

30.6 x 29.8 x 29.1mm (6mm = 1/4inch)

23.40 ct

#SB 3937 S