#BL 2170 "SPANISH MUSIC" / "Marlies"

LARGE Solid N4 Black Opal from Lightning Ridge. Overflowing with strong, bright and rich colors, this opal creates a mood of joy and vibrancy! Showing the entire color spectrum and covering the entire face at all times. Fire-Red, Golden-Yellow, Emerald-Green, Turquoise, Cobalt-Blue, Royal-Blue and Lilac-Purple. Vividly moving at the slightest rotation of the opal. The Rolling Flash in the center shows the gorgeous "Flame-pattern". Holds all Rainbow-colors and shows them brightness 5 on the scale of 5! All colors perform perfect in all directions and in all types of light. From bright light to the most reduced natural light, at all times colors show full brightness and richness.

16.7 x 10.0 x 4.0mm (6mm = 1/4inch)
4.30 ct
#BL 2170

#BL 2170 #BL 2170 #BL 2170

#BL 2170 #BL 2170 #BL 2170