LARGE Solid N5/N6 Semi Black Opal from Lightning Ridge.
 ~~~Filled with Gold!~~~
Gold color is much rarer than Red and Magenta and even more sought after. This opal has truly got that precious Gold color!

This is not just a shade of yellow! 

The HOT colorshow FLAMES across the opal's face,in a "Flame" Pattern. This pattern is described in the book, "A Field Guide to Australian Opals", by Barrie O'Leary. He talks of the resemblance to flickering flames of a log fire. As well, the opal has a few pieces of "Chaff" showing in one half of the opal. Please see the photos. Colorshow consists of Gold, Valencia Orange, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Lilac and Teal Green. A wonderfully HOT colorshow, balanced by the COOL colors of the Caribbean Sea.  

Brightness is 4.9 on the scale of 5!

 Colors show PERFECTLY from all directions and in all types of light. Even reduced natural light will bring out all colors and their brightness. Perfect cut and high quality finish!

The white spots or lines seen in some pictures are reflections.No spots in the opal. This opal will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, stating the place of origin, picture, details of the opal and retail-valuation. (US$2250) 

We have placed a low reserve on this opal! MEASUREMENTS:15.0 x 10.6 x 4.8 mm (6mm = 1/4 inch.) 
4.92 ct.
Opal # SB9399

#BL 2170 #BL 2170

#BL 2170 #BL 2170